Renting Your Property?

Let Our Team Of Professionals Help You Rent Your Property

Renting a property can be a complicated and frustrating experience, particularly if the process is is new. Ace Properties is a reputable estate agency helping our customers rent their properties for over 20 years.

We have unrivalled market knowledge and know the local area’s inside out. To rent your property, we need to know as much as possible about your requirements. This includes the type and size of premises, rental scope, compliance issues.

We offer a full range of property services to help you at every stage of your transaction. Our renting services include advanced marketing, tenancy find, accurate vetting, inventory reports, property management,  all under one roof.

Rent with Ace Properties

Ace Properties can provide you with the following services:

Tenancy Find only – 50% of total rental value

Management & Tenancy Find -7.5% (Management) 

£100 + VAT (Tenancy Find) 

Management only – 10.5% of total rental income


Professional Advice


Ace Properties can advise you on the following related matters:

Understanding the Market 

Tax Implications

Legal Matters

Record Keeping

Tenant Selection


Rent with Ace Properties

Ace Properties can advise you on the following matters:

People Management


Insurance Queries

Regulation advise and Certificate Compliance

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