Development & Construction

Many of our clients have work undertaken on their properties by developers, be they landlords, tenants, borrowers or specialist providers.  They need to know that the building works will be undertaken to the standard expected, that property risks are appropriately managed and if the worst happens, that they are fully protected. Ace Properties Project and building consultancy team provides advice on the management and control of developments for its clients.  Our services are tailored to each individual client and range from undertaking an initial due diligence review prior to entering into a legal agreement to purchase to monitoring the entire construction process upto “TURN KEY PROJECTS”

Key services include:

  • audit of all available construction and design information
  • review of consultant appointments and building contract documentation
  • advice on statutory and third party consents received or required
  • procurement and programming advice
  • advising on legal agreements and warranties from a technical perspective.
  • advising on the proposed scope of works and whether they meet the clients’ requirements
  • highlighting construction risks and advising who should manage these risks
  • monitoring works on site to completion
  • reporting on costs and key risk areas


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